Posted OnAugust 30, 2019 0

A recent project by Simone Trabucchi, who has been, for more than a decade, one of the most active and activist people in the independent underground music landscape of Northern Italy, specifically Milan, through his label Hundebiss, under his former alias Dracula Lewis, and through his commendable work as local promoter and thinker of music and communities. All this aggregated knowledge also helped him arrive at STILL: here, he fuses a very personal and non-appropriationist interpretation and fusion of Jamaican dancehall's metrics and shuffles, essentially in their more digital and electronic variant, a deconstruction of South African kwaito, aesthetics of the earliest of English grime, and other music from, let’s say, emotionally challenged communities. For his debut album, released by the Berlin cathedral PAN, he invited three Afro-Italian MCs (folks from Eritrea and Nigeria) as well as an Italo-Italian MC, in a post-Babylonian vision of the struggle. There are precedents in The Bug, for example, but, here, uncle Simone is discovering something that’s fresh, his – ours, for it is shared and suggests so many different forms of communication.