Posted OnJune 18, 2019 0

A rare example of unanimous acclaim in every place and context he passes through due to his technique and stupendous creativity, Peter Evans is one of this century’s most important figures in jazz and improvisation. He has recently relocated from New York to Lisbon. A few years back, Peter Evans played at OUT.FEST with his astounding quintet, one of the several formations he creates, not out of self-advancing opportunism, but concerned solely with the advancement of form and language. He is one of the few virtuosos who doesn’t get stuck on one trick or another, using his absolute control over the trumpet (for which he insists on inventing new ways of expression and a new technical manual) to create new soundscapes, angles, ways of being and doing.

His solo performances are also highly impressive and celebrated, particularly those in spaces with charismatic reverberations. Such will be the case here in Barreiro, where he will be able to work the specific acoustic properties of a new local venue which we will be exploring in this edition of OUT.FEST for the first time.