Kali Malone is a musician, composer and improviser with a background in classical singing and, later, guitar, but it’s when she arrives at the organ that she appears to truly find her element as a creator. Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, she moves to Stockholm at 18 to study the instrument, and that’s where she has resided for close to a decade, as she’s continued to pursue her academic studies, written new pieces, and presented an ever-growing repertoire of her own creations.

Unlike much of the music made with the organ over the past half century, focused on new compositions, Kali Malone’s oeuvre is quite distant from any minimalist notion, despite the ascetic and static qualities which can readily be heard in her music. She works deeply with timbre, she has carried out advanced studies into the possibilities offered by the instrument in terms of tuning and temperament, and, in order to combat what she rightly describes in an interview as the organ’s undynamic nature, she usually records using an idiosyncratic and rigorous multi-track recording process, complete with time notation and a metronome. The resulting music is influenced by the recording process which takes place in churches and ‘drier’ locations, where she optimistically eyes the acoustic, plastic, and also symbolic recontextualization of the instrument itself.

She will be performing with the organ at the Nossa Senhora do Rosário church, where for years we have sought to present something truly worthwhile for everyone involved. The time has come.