Posted OnJuly 24, 2019 0

It’s difficult, at this point, to discern where the individuality of one begins and the other’s ends, between Marta and João von Calhau. This creative unit is one of the most interesting, productive, multidisciplinary and creatively free of Portuguese music and arts this century. There is no parallel in the Portuguese art world to their work with sound, melody, words, phonetics, poetry, performance, painting, written language, video, film, collage, and things which really just seem like (white) magic. Always in search of something new within their very unique vocabulary, often using the deconstruction and reconfiguration of the meaning of words, they themselves are people-characters where the lines between the characters and the person-through-sound are positively blurred (but in a good way!). A privilege to have them back at OUT.FEST this many years later, to do – as always – whatever they damn well please.