Posted OnJuly 24, 2019 0

Having released an EP at the end of last year through the pertinent Planet Mu (RP Boo, Jlin, Mike Paradinas, etc.), Bonaventure is a project by Swiss-Congolese Soraya Lutangu, who seems to now split her residence between Switzerland and Portugal. On her disc and in her DJ sets, she presents her personal interpretation of pop, of the coupé decalé of her African country of origin, and of various African rhythmic breaks (where you’ll also find kuduro and kizomba/zouk), with lots of filters and the more digital, hi-Fi and urbanoid attire that started being shared at the Ghetto Gothik parties a few years ago by Venus X, Fatima Al Qadiri or J-Cush. That’s where we’ll find ourselves in the final hours of this year‘s OUT.FEST, in this globalist dance melting pot of synthesized timbres.