Posted OnJuly 24, 2019 0

This resilient, sensitive, audacious, courageous (insert more good qualities) duo signed to the pulsing Porto-based Favela Discos already has four releases in their five-year run. Music that drinks from free jazz, from the low-fidelity cassette tapes, from honesty and steadfastness in various forms, which describes itself systematically through the process: “Bezbog is music with saxophone, trumpet and percussion which are amplified and processed electronically.“

“Chernobog” is your latest release. Austere and empathetic in equal measure, it navigates between a grey version of the more abstract stuff in the Wolf Eyes cellar, but also through Portuguese references such as Sei Miguel, Tropa Macaca – all very unique artists; like the music in question, it sounds very much like itself. A pearl hidden up North amidst people who work with seriousness and seriously well, they’ll be on glistening display in Lisbon’s South Bay.